Looking for the best renovation company in Paris?


The best way to get your home or office renovated in Paris!

Are you looking for a renovation company in Paris? Whether it is to renovate your house or your new office, we can handle it. We offer an end-to-end renovation service: reliable, efficient and at a competitive price. Moreover, we speak English! So call us for some advice, or start by getting an instant quote with our pricing tool. Then we can meet onsite and give you a detailed quote (free of charge). Cheers!

What kind of renovation services do we offer?

We offer a wide range of renovation services such as painting, wallpapering, electricity, renovation of bathrooms or kitchens, plumbing, etc.

Not only we offer these renovation services for your home, but we also provide it for your office in order to make your workplace more cosy than ever!

FYI : we are based in Paris, at 104 rue de Richelieu, 2nd arrondissement. If you want to meet us, we would be happy to schedule an appointment. 

Why should you choose us over other contractors in Paris?

Let me explain to you why you should choose Monsieur Peinture for your renovation in Paris, whether it is your home or your office.

I’m aware that finding someone trustworthy and serious to renovate your home in Paris is not that easy, especially if you’re not French-speaking.

But here are three good reasons to call Monsieur Peinture for your next project :

  • Firstly, we speak English (with a strong French accent, though)
  • Secondly, we are super reactive (instant quote online, thorough quote in 24h and ability to start within 48h)
  • Thirdly, our prices are competitive and transparent, you can find them on our website (painting only for now)

What is the process for a standard renovation project with us?

We are doing our best to make the process smooth and reliable:

  • First, get a free quote of your renovation project online (or call us directly: + 33 7 57 90 29 27)
  • Then, we will call you back to refine the quote with you. You’ll have a clear and transparent quote for your project. Monsieur Peinture is committed to have fair prices with no hidden fees.
  • If we have a deal, work can start! We welcome the crew who is going to work at your home with you and we make sure everything’s okay.

If you have any questions or requests during the renovation work No worries, we remain available to answer it quickly.

Our team is available every day to answer you!

Discover also PALM, our branch dedicated to murals painting

Oh! I almost forgot, we are the only renovation company in Paris that also paint decorative or artistic murals. Our dedicated branch PALM works with artists who create mural paintings based on what you want in your own home or office!

renovation company Paris

Well, I hope everything is clear now, if you need more information, let us know. We would be delighted to talk to you!

See you soon!

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